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Work, Work, And More Work

So, I’ve been working a lot this month by picking up some extra things so I can get more hours. I start a 4-day trip today, which isn’t too bad. It’s a fairly easy trip with three legs on the first day (meaning 3 flights), 2 legs the next two days, and only one leg on the last day. I’m super happy about that, because who wants a lot of legs on go home day haha.

Yesterday I worked a Pensacola turn. If you’re not familiar that means I went to Pensacola and turned around and went right back home. Anyway, those two flights were alright. There were some rude people on them which bothered me, but obviously I can’t say anything rude back. For example there was this man in first class and we were getting ready to land and I tapped the tray table and told him to put it away and he brushed me off like I was a bug. Excuse me sir, but just because you’re sitting in first class doesn’t make you special. You still have to follow the rules. Just gotta take a deep breath sometimes and then just stand there watching them until they do it haha. People don’t usually like that, but if you’re not gonna listen when I tell you to do something then I’ll wait for you to comply.

I have to work on Christmas which is sad and I also have to work on New Years Eve/New Years. I’m just gonna have to figure out how to have a good time by myself or celebrate by myself. Not sure how good it’ll be. I’ll let y’all know if it’s a success or a bust.

So since I have a trip with some pretty decent layovers I’m not sure if I should bring All The Ever Afters or if I should bring and start NOS4A2. Or! If I should bring my Kindle. I think I’ll just bring NOS4A2. I’m in the mood to read it and I also didn’t realize it was such a long book so I definitely need to get reading on it haha.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this small update! Have a wonderful day. ❤

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