Three Stars

Three Stars

1. Christmas For The Crew

 20181223_131043 (1).jpg

1.  Since I’m gonna be spending Christmas at work I decided to make the crew little goody bags. Since I don’t know the crew (besides my other FA and I don’t even know her that well) I decided not to add too much candy because I don’t know what they like and dislike. I put little candy canes, little chocolate Santas, marshmallow snowman, mints, and a $25 Visa gift card inside the bags. I decided to get everyone a gift card so if they didn’t like the candy they could buy their own or get dinner. Whatever they wanna use it for. 🙂

It wasn’t super cheap because of the gift cards, but it is definitely worth it. I hope they like the little gifts because I think they’re pretty cute. 😉 I’m not really sure if my crew celebrates Christmas either, but oh well I hope they enjoy the gifts anyway. 🙂

2. Pre-Christmas

2. Yesterday my boyfreind, Joseph, and I had our own little “pre-Christmas”. He left today to go see other family for Christmas and I have a trip that starts later today so we hung out all day yesterday. It was a really good time. I’ve been working so much and picking up extra trips to get more money that I really appreciated seeing him. We were gonna go out so I could finish up some shopping but I forgot it was a Saturday and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the crowds. So, we just spent all day relaxing. 🙂

We watched a lot of movies and ate a lot of food haha. We also had some good talks. It helped me so much with everything that’s been going on. This have been so rough lately that small things like just being around someone I care about helps a lot. It was just a good time. 🙂 We are also planning on celebrating when I get back. I might go down and see the family.

3. Rudy’s

3. I went and had dinner with Joseph and my family on Friday. It was super awkward because it was a bunch of family I never talk to, but I did it for my grandparents. I know they enjoy seeing me and I enjoy seeing them so that’s why I went. Plus, Joseph helped me get through it because without him I would have been even more miserable haha. I enjoyed seeing some of my family, but most of it was awkward and I was quiet. The food was good though haha. Oh and Rudy’s was the name of the restaurant. It’s good BBQ in case you’re interested! 😉 ❤

I hope y’all enjoyed this!! Comment below something positive that happened to you or that you did this week ❤

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