My Reading Goals For 2019

So, last year I had a lot of big goals and I went into more detail with my goals. This year I’m going back to my style of reading whatever books I feel like. A lot has changed and I need to figure out what works best for me.

Normally people slowly increase their goals, but I decided to decrease my goal all the way down to 50! Pretty low right? I didn’t want to because I felt like I wasn’t as good of a reader and wouldn’t fit into the book community unless I had higher goals and read more. It has occurred to me how wrong that is. I feel like nowadays people (avid readers) make it seem like if you’re not reading 100+ books then you’re not good enough/a true reader. Well it’s not true.

What makes me a true reader?

Reading. Period.

I feel like popular BookTubers and Bookstagramers make it seem like if you aren’t reading constantly and if you don’t have all the latest books then you’re somehow not a true reader. I’m not saying that they hit at it I’m just saying that’s how the structure seems to be set up and how book society makes it appear…does that make sense?

I got a new job as everyone should know by now and it takes up a lot of my time. I have plenty of time to read that’s for sure, but do I? Not always. I love to watch YouTube and relax. I love to just be lazy on my days off and hang out with family or my boyfriend. I don’t always utilize my time in the best ways, but that doesn’t make me less of a reader.

Should I write more reviews? Of course! Do I? Not really. I’ve been listening to so many audiobooks that I never even want to write reviews. I don’t like writing reviews for audiobooks, because I like to take notes and be able to go back to get quotes from books. It’s not as easy to do that when I listen to audiobooks in my car haha.

I’ve decided to set my goal to 50 books this year in order to encourage myself to read more quality books rather than just focus on quantity. I feel like so many people care about quantity and not quality.

Anyway, it shouldn’t matter if your goal is 10 books or 100 books because you’re still a reader and you’re still apart of a wonderful community. Read what makes you happy. Talk about books that make you happy. DO what makes you HAPPY!

I’m sorry this post is rambly and jumbled but I hope y’all like it regardless! Have a wonderful day y’all!!

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