How My Reading Went In 2018

I read a total of 18,862 pages across 80 books!Img bookstack 96

My Shortest bookImg rulerMy Longest Book


The Most Popular Book


the boy in striped pajamas
Also read by 443,791 other people

The Least Popular Book

meditation and yoga
Also read by 1 other person
My Average Rating for 2018

My average rating for 2018 was kind of low at 3.2 stars. Last year I just didn’t happen to read as many good books as I was hoping for which is why I think I care so much about quality this year.

Highest Rated Book On Goodreads That I Read

Img badge

  check please


With an average rating of 4.58 Stars but only received 3 stars from me

Anyway, that’s all! I hope y’all enjoyed!! Have a wonderful day y’all!!

2 thoughts on “How My Reading Went In 2018

  1. Ahh wow you’ve read so much in the past year, that’s awesome! I hope you’ll have a fantastic reading year in 2019 and a better rating average too 🙂 happy reading! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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