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I never thought there would be a day I would be so excited to get shoes in the mail…not just any shoes either. Work shoes. Even worse haha. Who thought I would ever be so excited to get WORK shoes in the mail? Not I!

Anyway, I just ordered some new shoes for work and I’m excited to see if they’re comfortable. I’m really hoping they are because they cost me a pretty penny that I didn’t want to spend. 140 dollars to be exact which I keep getting told isn’t a lot but when all of my shoes are gifts and I only spent 15 dollars on the beautiful pair of black high-top Converse that I wear anytime I do anything….well yeah $140 isn’t what I want to spend on shoes. If they work then I’ll be happy and it’ll be an investment…if they don’t then we’re gonna have some problems haha.

Rose Clement

For such a pretty penny they sure seem…pretty boring huh? You know how it is what with all the rules and regulations I gotta follow haha. However, they are my favorite color! 😉

They look just like the shoes I have now but these ones are $100 more and they’re supposed to be a brand for frequent flyers/flight attendants. I guess we’ll see how well they work. It’s always hit or miss with these things because you never know how it’s gonna work for you because everyone is so different. On the bright side they had a size 4.5 which is a step, pun intended, in the right direction. The shoes I have now are a size 5 and are too big especially since they’ve stretched out some. I stuffed them full of padding to help make them more comfortable and to help them fit…hasn’t worked very well haha.

Anyway, I’m sure this is a super boring post to y’all but it’s part of my life and something I’m excited about at the moment haha. Looking forward to getting these in the mail for sure!

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