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Don’t Make Things Harder

So recently I had a flight to Minnesota where we would be spending the night. It was my only flight that day and it was about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I figured it would be an easy day and an easy flight…so of course it had to be a chaotic flight.

I was working the front of the plane meaning I dealt with first class passengers. Everyone in my first class had a status except two people. If you don’t know what I mean by status I mean 1k members, global status, or silver status. So, card holders and usually people who fly a lot. Also, it’s easy to tell when you don’t fly a lot when you get mad at us for the rules. Those who fly a lot know the rules and are pretty good at following them…those who don’t just end up embarrassing themselves.

Delta Connection E175 first class Seattle to San Diego

So, this couple in first class were in the bulkhead row meaning they didn’t have a seat in front of them. (The picture above is an example of where they were sitting). If you look closely you can see a little placard with a suitcase on it and a red circle with a line through it saying that you can’t have any bags down by your feet. This is only for safety purposes in the event of an evacuation. Well I told this woman that she can’t have any bags by her feet because she had a big bag and a smaller bag so then she wanted to put the big bag behind her seat. I told her she can’t because that’s the gentleman’s storage space. She started getting upset saying “well he put his bag in our space”. Just a friendly reminder the overhead bin space isn’t assigned to anyone its first come, first served. I told her she would have to get it gate checked and she didn’t want to do that so her husband put it all the way in economy instead of just getting it gate checked.

Anyway, we close the door and get ready to leave and she has her purse on her lap and her husband has a smaller backpack on his lap. We, my other flight attendant and I,  tell both of them their bags need to go in the overhead compartments because they need to be able to get out in the event of an evacuation. Well the woman is pissed, her husband doesn’t care he just does whatever we tell him. His wife is cursing up a storm for having to put her purse in the overhead bin for taxi, takeoff, and landing. I know how on Earth will she survive????

It was pretty funny because her husband asked me if the door was closed all the way just because it didn’t seem like it. I assured him it was haha. Just a little info we are trained to close the doors and make sure they’re completely closed as well haha.

I almost forgot that when we finished our demos and walk through we had to go back to the gate because the pilot’s radio wasn’t working. However, they fixed it real fast and we were on our way. I was kind of sad they fixed it if I’m honest here haha.

We get in the air and everyone is needy which is expected because of the length of the flight and the time of the flight. It’s too early for everyone to go to bed but not late enough for everyone to want to be left alone. So, basically everyone was drinking alcohol and eating food. For me I didn’t care because first class is usually pretty needy in general and it was a long flight so the more I do the quicker the flight goes. Anyway, in the air the flight was pretty smooth not too many problems or anything.

We get ready to land and some older girl…maybe a teen or something threw up on the floor….Some words of advice…please just tell us you feel sick to your stomach. PLEASE! This girl didn’t say a word until she had already thrown up…she didn’t even use a barf bag or ask for an extra one beforehand. I would much rather give you multiple barf bags that you don’t end up using than you just sit there and hope you don’t puke. I just don’t understand….anyway we don’t clean that stuff up because it’s gross and we were almost on the ground when it happened anyway. We just had to call for hazmat when we landed for them to come clean it up.

So we get on the ground and the older man sitting in the bulkhead with his wife asked me if I lived in Minnesota and I said no I live in Houston and apparently he owns a restaurant in Houston so he gave me the address and his details and said I can bring anyone I want and that lunch is on him since I was so nice to him. He also said if I had any problems to just call him. I was pretty surprised because I don’t have things like that happen to me…ever.

Also, I’ve noticed that if people are rude to me they usually end up forgetting something. His wife happened to forget her shoe. Since her husband was so nice to me I grabbed her shoe and ran to catch up to them…she was nice to me after that.

I’ve noticed that since I’ve started this job people are very rude to me thinking I tell them to do things just to be mean or annoying. Keep in mind that we are trained and we have rules and regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration that we have to follow. So instead of fighting with the flight attendant just say “no problem” and do as their asked. Now don’t get me wrong there are a lot of flight attendants who are rude as well…but sometimes you just have to smile and do as you’re told/asked. Just don’t make things harder than they have to be. 😉


10 thoughts on “Don’t Make Things Harder

      1. Haha well I’m a regional flight attendant so I don’t go overseas. The farthest I’ve flown is from Texas to New York but I know we fly to Canada as well and Mexcio haha. I plan on visiting some places oversea though 😀

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  1. Abigail I hate flying! Or rather I have fear of flying. But I can promise I am never annoying and stay on my seat or going to the loo to walk some LOL

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