February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 2

Like I said on yesterday’s post I’ll save the more personal ones for later on in the month…we’ll see who actually reads these anyway. Speaking of which I haven’t gotten any comments on yesterday’s post so please go comment recipes on that!

Today’s post is going to be about the Dallas Stars/hockey. 🙂 I hope y’all enjoy this!

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So I started liking hockey…I think it was towards the end of my Freshman year…If I remember correctly. Well, actually I liked hockey ever since my parents took us to a Texas Stars hockey game for our birthday. After that I wanted to play, but my parents wouldn’t let me. However, they let my brother play but that didn’t last long. That was around 6th grade or 7th grade. Once again my memory isn’t the best so I could be a little off haha.

Anyway, my sister and my brother (if you’re not familiar with my family you can read this post! That’s right self promotion!) started getting into the NHL and following it and not gonna lie I wanted to be apart of it. I felt kind of left out and plus they weren’t even supporting a home team which is just horrendous. 😉 My sister is/was a Pens fan and my brother is/was a Red Wings fan. Two things: 1.) I use is/was because they don’t really follow what’s going on anymore, because honestly when life gets busy it’s hard to know what’s happening with your team and the NHL. And 2.) Pens are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Red Wings are the Detroit Red Wings. My brother gets some slack since our dad is from Michigan haha. My sister just started liking the Pens because one of their players caught her attention; however I will say that once she got into it she was a lot more of a hockey fan not just a fan of the players.

I remember when I started liking the Stars because our grandfather was in the hospital (to which he was fine no worries) and we were driving up there and I was trying to pay attention to the Stars game and if they were winning or not. I pronounced players’ names all wrong because I was just learning. It’s crazy how much goes into learning the sport and the teams. When I was in school I was so on top of my team and I watched every game that we got on cable. I knew my entire team and each player on it. I knew other teams and their star players. I knew about trades, wins, standings, etc. It was so easy to be on top of all of it because I would be able to spend a lot of time focusing on hockey. Now that I have a job that keeps me busy at all kinds of different times..it’s not as easy. Even when school started to get harder it became harder to focus on my team. Not gonna lie it breaks my heart. It also breaks my heart seeing players I love get traded and leave. 😦

I’ve been trying to be better about watching hockey which is still really hard because I’m in different places and the time changes make it hard to even watch a game…if the hotel even has the channel. I have managed to watch some games and I try my best to keep up with what’s going on with the team, but I still have a lot of other things going on in my life too.

Hockey will always be something I love. It puts a smile on my face and it always gives me this certain feeling that I can’t even explain. I just love watching my team play..I love watching other teams play also because then you don’t have to worry about who wins haha. I just care about hockey so much.

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I used to want to be a college hockey player actually. Most college players start really young though and I started my junior year I believe. So, pretty much everyone told me it’s not gonna happen. I even picked, applied to, and got accepted to my dream school that I wanted to play hockey at. However, it didn’t happen. Everyone told me I couldn’t be that good because of how late in the game I started and I gave up on that little “fantasy” of mine. That was something that broke me down. Probably because I honestly 100% believed that I could do it with hard work and determination, but everyone else told me otherwise. I was ready to do whatever I had to do in order to make it, but I gave up because no one else believed I could. It’s sad but true. Sometimes it’s better to build someone up even if they don’t succeed so that way they don’t give up on something that could have been amazing. Honestly, I was going through a really tough time when all of this happened which is probably another reason I gave up on it so easily. Hockey always made me feel better though…when I was on the ice I could forget about everything else.

I don’t want it to seem like what I have now isn’t amazing because I’m super happy to be a flight attendant and all the other things in my life are good. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I did make it though. Everyone has something like that though.

I tried to sign up for hockey here, but I never heard back from someone at the rink so that’s also a bummer. That’s usually how my experience has gone with these types of rinks in the first place though. They’re usually pretty disorganized and not very good/helpful. Which makes me sad because I was really excited for it. Oh well. Maybe I’ll try to do something else…we’ll see.

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Hockey is a big part of my life and anytime I watch anything hockey related I immediately feel better and I feel happy. I just love the sport so much and it’s the only sport I watch. I may not be the best hockey fan out there, but I’m a fan. Some people act like if you don’t know every single thing that’s ever happened in the sport than you’re not a real fan and that’s just not true.

I could honestly go on and on some more, but I’m sure y’all have heard enough…if anyone even read this whole post haha. Anyway, have a wonderful day y’all! Find something you love and embrace it. If it makes you happy then make time for it…I definitely should do that more for hockey because it really does make me happy. 🙂

Comment below something that you love or makes you happy!! Spread the love!

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