February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 7

I’m sorry this post is super late. I was very busy today and I know I should write my posts ahead of time but I don’t do it. Maybe I’ll try to start that because I’m a mess. Once again sorry this post is so late!

Uh…let’s make today’s love post about…..a bookstore! Today my boyfriend and I went to a super cute bookstore. 🙂 I only have two pictures of it though! Sorry I didn’t take more.

This bookstore has such a cute and cozy feel! I absolutely loved it. 🙂 I also picked up two books while we were there. 🙂

I got these two books and I can’t wait to read them. I got Marked because on my Twitter I asked if anyone had some book recommendations that have vampires that are actually good books haha. Someone recommended this series so I figured I would give the first book a try. I grabbed Sole Survivor because so far I really enjoy Koontz’s writing and I also really love the cover of this book haha. I’m super excited to read it.

I’ll definitely be going back to the bookstore again. I wish I had more money to spend there but I’m going on a trip at the end of this month so my money is going towards that.

Anyway I know this post is really short but it’s late and I’m tired haha. I hope y’all enjoyed this post though!!

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