February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 9

Hey y’all! If you don’t know what this post is I’m just posting a love related post every day this month since it’s the month of love. Feel to look on my blog for my other posts. I’m actually surprised that I’ve been keeping up with it! So, go me!

Today’s love post will be about my blog. Yup! That’s right I’m gonna talk about the love I have for my blog. I really hope y’all enjoy reading this post!

Let’s see…I started my blog back in 2016. I think I started it in the middle of 2016 if I remember correctly. When I first started it I had this vision of having a super popular blog. I didn’t follow any blogs, didn’t comment, didn’t read any other blogs, didn’t like any, etc. I just posted on my blog and thought “I’ll get popular like this”. Clearly, that didn’t work. One day it just kind of hit me that that didn’t work and the whole point of the blog is to have fun and share my love with books. It’s not very funny when you’re not interacting with others in the book community. So, I started commenting, liking, and following other blogs. That’s when my blog “took off”. I noticed a real change in my blog. I also noticed that it made it more fun to post as well.

I am so happy to have started my blog, because there are so many amazing bloggers out there. I’ll never be “blog famous” but I don’t care anymore. It’s fun watching my blog grow still and also connecting with more and more bloggers. If you worry too much about the followers or the “fame” then you take away the fun and that’s the most important part. I mean would it be awesome if my blog was “famous”? Of course it would be. However, blogs, especially book blogs, aren’t that popular. It’s hard to ever reach that level of blogging. I know that I would have more success on YouTube, but I wouldn’t like showing my face like that. I like blogging. I think it’s fun to write it down and design my blog and just to have fun with it.

Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 4.21.20 PM

Let’s take a look at how far I’ve come. By the way I’m sorry it’s so small I can’t make it bigger haha. Also, I just figured out how to take a screenshot on my laptop so that’s really dope.

So, as y’all can see I’ve only been growing. My blog just keeps growing and it’s so cool to see how I started out with such horrible stats and how big of a difference one year of being active not only on my blog but on others’ as well. I’m just so proud of myself and I’m proud of my blog. I love my followers and I love interacting with y’all. Anytime I get a comment it brightens my day and I can instantly forget about anything bad that’s happened. I just appreciate every single comment I get. I love that people take time out of their day to comment on one of my posts. It’s just so special to me. Also, one thing I’m trying to work on this year is uping my “avg words per post”. So, far so good!

This blog has been so helpful for me as well. It’s like a second escape almost. I say that because reading is pretty much my first escape, but it can be hard depending on my mood, because sometimes if my mood is really bad then I can’t even focus on reading. Hockey used to be an escape for me but I don’t play anymore so that kinda sucks. I do have my blog though and that’s an escape. I get to put my problems aside as I read other blogs and comment on others’ blogs. It helps me a lot. I’ve had times where I was having a really bad day, but someone commented on my post and I was able to forget about how upset I was for a little bit as I responded. So, if you’re ever worried that maybe your comments don’t matter I assure you they do! Also, if you don’t comment on others’ blogs maybe you should start because you never know the impact you could have on them…make sure you’re only commenting/spreading kindness. No mean things! ❤

Anyway, I hope y’all all have a great day! And happy blogging! ❤

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