February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 11

I know it’s late but this post must be written haha. I’m trying to think about what I want to write about today. I know there are some obvious ones but I want to save those for later this month. 🙂

So I guess this series can be things I loved kinda like memories yanno? As long as it’s still dealing with love right? Today’s post is gonna be about my Nintendo DS Lite.

nintendo ds lite

So this came out in 2006! Wow…I got this as a gift from my grandparents and they bought them for us when they were pretty new. And I remember loving this thing so much haha. I had so many games for it! Some really fun….some really pointless games haha. It was the thing though. I never got into the Gameboy but man did I love my Nintendo!

I remember on days before school once I was ready I would be sitting there playing it waiting for our mom to take us to school and we would play them in the car until we got to school. Once we got to school we had to leave them in the car to make sure we didn’t get distracted by them while in school and to make sure no one stole them. It’s just a good memory I have. 🙂

Some of my favorite games that I had:

These are the games I remember being obsessed with!! I loved them so much! My DS still works actually and it’s the same one. Not a new one that I bought along the way. I don’t think I know where the charger is though….I would have to look around haha. Just remembering this game in general fills me with some good memories.

Like my siblings and I would trade games with each other haha. It helped keep it a little more interesting when you couldn’t afford to buy a new game. I don’t know if I like how much the Nintendo has changed though…but maybe that’s how it is with a lot of people when it comes to games/game systems they grew up playing.

I know this one is kinda short but I hope y’all enjoyed it anyway! Comment below a game system/game you loved to play!

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