February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 13

I have no idea what I want to write about today. Of course it’s also late at night, because I was busy again. No regret though because I went and saw my grandparents and we got pizza so that’s always a good time. They’re just so adorable.

This post has been challenging not gonna lie. I mean there are plenty of things I’m thankful and grateful for, but that’s not always the same thing as loving something. I may be thankful/grateful for my family but I also love them. I may be thankful/grateful that I didn’t rear end a car that slammed on his brakes yesterday..but that’s not something I love. Make sense? So, this post can be a little tough because I also don’t want to get into some things that might be a little too deep for my comfort.

Oh! I just came up with something! It’s kind of random but I hope y’all like it anyway haha. So, today’s love themed post is going to be about cravings. I know what you’re thinking, “cravings how can anyone love that??”. Well I’ll tell you!

Image result for cravings gif.

So, it may sound weird but hear me out okay? I think cravings can suck depending on how bad they are, but it is so incredibly satisfying when you fulfill those cravings!! Like when you’re craving pizza and you go get some then it’s like the best thing ever! If you don’t agree then I think you’re the weird one haha.

Image result for cravings gif.

I feel like I sound crazy but maybe someone else feels the same way? I mean when I’m craving a certain fast food I’ll usually go get it when I can and then it’s just pure bliss and happiness all because of food! And it doesn’t have to be unhealthy food either. Sometimes craving a salad or fruit makes it that much better. Talking about craving food is making me want more food haha.

For me my cravings usually vary from month to month. Like one month I was craving pizza soooooo much, but that pizza still tastes amazing each time haha. Or I had one month where I craved James Coney Island and I went and got a hot dog and the one hot dog satisfied me for the rest of the month…won’t lie I wanted more just because they’re so good, but I held off haha. This month I’ve been craving ice cream a lot…but specifically an ice cream cone. I’ve gotten a few of them and that seems to have satisfied that craving for now haha.

Sometimes the cravings go away pretty quickly though and only last for a day or so. Maybe I’m just super weird but there’s nothing more satisfying than really wanting a certain type of food and being able to get it and just enjoy every single bite! It’s just not the same as getting something when you’re just feeling kind of ‘meh’ about it, yanno? Like if I go to say…Whataburger and I’m not really in the mood for it but I also wouldn’t say no then it’s like ‘yeah a burger…it’s good.’ However, when you go to Whataburger and you’re craving something specific it’s like every single bite matters haha.

It can also be a good thing if you think about it because then you appreciate your food more. It can kind help you be more mindful of the gift of food and being able to have the money to buy it because it’s not like that for everyone. So, it helps you really appreciate it.

Anyway, I hope y’all liked this! It’s kind of weird but maybe it made you think a little more? Tomorrow’s post will be a lot better!! 🙂

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