February’s Lots-Of-Love day 15

So, today I had work which is why I’m actually writing this early haha. Otherwise y’all would be reading it super late! I’m super tired right now and I have no idea what I want to post about. Actually I think I do.

Today’s loved themed post will be about God. Now if you’re not Christian or this is something that would just annoy you than I would probably just click away haha. However, if you’re just curious or you are a Christian than I definitely encourage you to keep reading!! 🙂

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So, for me I’m sure y’all are expecting me to talk about how easy and wonderful it is to be Christian. That’s not the case though. Don’t get me wrong I love God, but it’s not easy to be a Christian especially in today’s society.

I’ve struggles with and still do struggle with my faith. It can be super hard to trust in God when you feel like everything just keeps going wrong. It can be really hard to love God when you feel like nothing is going to get better. However, if you stay strong and just trust in God and what He’s doing for you then eventually you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Trust me I’ve questioned my faith more than I would like to admit, but it’s easy to trust God when everything is going great!! It’s a lot harder when nothing is going your way. Just know that sometimes we may not understand, and we may never understand, but do your best to keep trusting Him. It’ll pay off in the long run.

Image result for christian quotes about trusting god through hard timesNow I’m not gonna lie. It can be hard to be a Christian. People think Christians can be crazy and they act like nothing bad ever happens…that or they hate a lot of people for certain things. I don’t like to tell people I’m Christian mainly because I don’t want them to be rude to me or say rude remarks. I know some people would take this the wrong way and think that Christians have it so easy, but it’s just not true. I love being a Christian, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to just talk about God and my beliefs. I usually keep it to myself or I’ll on talk about it with people who feel the same way. To me it’s just scary because I know how rude and judgemental people can be over something like religion. It’s sad but true.

I may not be the best about preaching about God to others, but I still love Him deeply and I try my best to be a good Christian. It’s not easy and it’s something that you have to work on every day, but in the end it’s worth it. Not only does it make me feel better about myself it helps me to grow in my walk with God.

Things can get really hard but I do my best to turn to God and try to remember His sacrifices. I do my best to trust in Him and give Him my pain and hurt. It’s never easy, but I have some great people in my life whom are also Christians that can help to remind me that God will help me through it.

I know a lot of people believe that Christians act like if you trust and believe in God that you’ll have a perfect life when that’s not the case at all. Being a believer doesn’t ensure you a perfect life…it just means that there is someone who forgives you for your sins and loves you regardless.

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I know a lot of people don’t see a point in believing in God but I don’t see the point in disbelieving in Him. If He’s real than at least you would have lived a life that has granted you to be with Him forever…if He’s not real than you were right and nothing happens when you die…but imagine if you’re wrong and you just didn’t feel like believing because you’ve been through some hard stuff and “how could he ever be real because of what He put me through?” Honestly you’d be surprised. Just watch some people’s testimonies on YouTube. Everyone has to go through hard things in life and some deal with a lot worse things, but it all depends on how you take it. You could curse God but what good does that do? If instead you praise Him for making you stronger and being able to help others who’ve had similar situations imagine all the good you could do. 🙂

I know this isn’t a favored topic or an easy one to talk about for that matter, but it’s something I love. I assure y’all I’m not a perfect Christian. It’s all a learning process as you go through life, but I do everything I can to be a better Christian every day. Some days are better than others but I still try my best.

Like I said before, I still struggle with my faith and I’ve almost given up on it before, but I have some great people in my life who’ve helped me through that. I do my best to pray as much as I can especially when I’m going through a tough time because it helps me to remain hopeful and it helps me to feel like I’m less alone. None of it’s ever easy, but there are those days when everything feels so right and I thank God for my lucky stars and the wonderful people in my life. I’m very thankful for what I have even when things don’t go my way.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post. 🙂 Have a wonderful day y’all!! ❤ ❤

5 thoughts on “February’s Lots-Of-Love day 15

  1. I’m glad you posted this even though you don’t like talking about your religion because of how people can be these days!! My faith has been tested especially the past few years and I’ve honestly wanted to give up but I haven’t.

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