February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 20

I’m so tired. I have no idea what to write about for today…well I know I’ll come up with something but it’s usually hard to think of something on the spot.

Today’s loved themed post is gonna be about candles. I don’t think I’ve written about candles yet, but I love them. I don’t know why I haven’t written about them yet since I love them so much haha.

Image result for cute candle gif.

In this post I’ll talk about some of my favorite scents and some candles I want. 🙂

I love when my room smells good hence why I have so many candles. I usually buy candles from Bath and Body Works when they’re having a good deal. However, their candles can be expensive without a sale. If I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the candles they have I’ll just buy some from WalMart or something haha. It just kind of depends on the mood I’m in if we’re honest here.

So, some of my favorite scents are cinnamon/apple spice, coffee (I’m picky though and it’s hard to find a coffee candle that I love), anything fruity, and I like some flowery ones but not too flowery…if that makes any sense haha.

Now for some candles I want:

image 0If anyone knows me at all then you’ll know Heartless is my absolute favorite book. I actually bought a Heartless themed candle a while ago and that one is at home with my parents now. It’s almost all gone too which makes me sad because it smells amazing. I would love to try one of BibiBooks’s candles though. They’re absolutely beautiful and super cool. I wouldn’t want to burn it but…then I wouldn’t get to enjoy it as much. 🙂 Once again just click the picture if you’re interested in buying this candle or seeing what else is available.

image 0I really love the typical banana scent so I feel like this candle would be heavenly. It would probably make me hungry every time though haha. I like the simplistic packaging too it’s cute and kind of minimalistic looking. 🙂 I can just imagine how good this candle smells! Maybe this post wasn’t such a good idea because now I want all of these candles and my wallet doesn’t want that haha.



image 0Cotton candy is also a huge favorite of mine. I think it’s hard to mess this scent up so pretty much any cotton candy scented candle is a win in my book haha. I actually have a cotton candy candle at home and I miss it a lot, but it smells so good that I never want to burn it either haha. I really like that the candle in the picture is typical cotton candy colors. It looks very cute and I guarantee it smells just as good! I definitely have a cotton candy obsession so I wouldn’t mind adding this candle to my collection. ❤

image 0Like I said coffee is a big favorite of mine…to drink and the smell of it is amazing haha. It’s been hard for me to find a coffee candle that I love, but I feel like this one would be a win. I mean even in the description it says, “Strong and bitter coffee. Just like walking into your local coffee shop!” so…I have a feeling it smells just like what I’m looking for. I’m honestly resisting every urge I have to buy this candle right now. I’ll definitely buy it in the future I’m sure. I just hate how expensive candles are especially when they gotta tack on shipping expenses as well. I have a few coffee candles I got from Bath and Body Works. One of them hasn’t been burned at all because it smells too good haha. The other two or three I have are the same candles…I had to stock up on them haha. I need to have a backup for when those run out and this may or may not be my new backup haha.

image 0Like I said before fruity candles are a favorite of mine and peach is a huge favorite as well. I love peach scented and flavored things haha. I had a peach candle a while ago and man did that one smell good. I feel like peach is also a smell that’s hard to mess up because it’s kind of a basic smell. I also love the color orange so this candle is perfect for me. It’s just so adorable and I bet it smells perfect!

Keeping up with the fruit trend I obviously had to put watermelon on this list! Watermelon is another favorite fruit of mine and once again it’s a scent you just can’t get wrong. The more I dive into this post the more amazing scents I think of haha. This post is gonna be the death of my poor, poor wallet. Oh well for candles it’s worth it. Especially for this beautiful one! This one is also priced pretty well if anyone is interested. 🙂




image 0Apparently I’m just gonna keep going with the fruits haha. I love the scent of orange vanilla and anything orange dreamsicle is always…well a dream haha. I’m a huge fan of this scent and I can’t even imagine how good this candle must smell. I’ll definitely have to add this to my must buy list! If you haven’t noticed I think glad jars and simple packaging is very cute. 🙂 I’m dying to buy this candle because I haven’t had anything like it before and I guarantee it’s everything I need in life right now haha.

image 0 And last but not least a bubble gum candle would be an amazing candle to own. I love the smell of bubblegum and I also love some basic bubblegum…even though the taste lasts for like five seconds…it’s the best five seconds ever haha. This candle is also really cute looking haha.


Anyway, that’s all for today’s post…I hope y’all enjoyed it because I’m gonna be broke now haha. I can’t help but love all of these candles! I think I just doomed myself.

Just another disclaimer if you want any of these candles just click on the pictures and it’ll take you to a separate page. Also, I’m not an affiliate for anyone so I won’t get any money through any purchases haha. I don’t think anyone thinks I’m an affiliate but I figured I would make that clear just in case.

Have a wonderful day! Comment below some of your favorite candles!! 🙂

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