Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go

speed racer

Speed Racer Mach Go Go Go by Tatsuo Yoshida Volumes 1 and 2: 4/5 Stars for both


DMP celebrates Speed Racer’s 40th anniversary with a 2-volume hardcover collector’s set. Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go Box Set is the complete, unabridged version and contains episodes available in the United States for the first time. Join Speed Racer, Racer X, Trixie, Spritle and Chim Chim in this fast-paced thriller of action and intrigue!

My Mini Review:

There’s no point in putting a synopsis for the second book because it may spoil things. Plus, the synopsis isn’t that great anyway. I don’t even think the synopsis for the second book changes, but I didn’t check haha.

Anyway, I honestly think that in order to read these books you either a.) need to be a fan of manga in general b.) need to be a fan of Speed Racer in general or c.) need to have watched the show before. It’s not like this book is anything super special and amazing. Honestly, it’s really cheesy and even though it’s full of action you already know how things will turn out.

These books are super fun and quick reads though. 🙂 I read them because I liked the Speed Racer movie and my dad grew up watching the cartoon. So, reading these made me think about my dad and how he used to watch the cartoons when he was a kid and just how much he loved them. I guess in a way it was kind of a nostalgic read. 🙂

I like how these books are full of action and just read like a cartoon would. It’s not super detailed and doesn’t go into a lot of depth, but they’re still really enjoyable. Plus, I liked the artwork in them. In the second book some of the exact same pictures were used from the first one which I thought was a little funny because it was literally like copy and paste but change the dialogue. Not a big deal to me though. I was mainly reading these books just for fun since they don’t require a lot of thought, meaning I wasn’t scrutinizing them or criticizing them too harshly.

I know this is a short post but that’s my little review of these books. They’re super good and very cute. I don’t know if it’s gotten me into manga though. I mean if anyone has some good suggestions for manga I’ll definitely check them out, because I wouldn’t even know where to start haha.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and I hope y’all have a wonderful day. ❤

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