February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 21

Today’s love themed post is gonna be about books!! I just wanted to talk about how truly grateful I am for books and the people who’ve gifted them to me. 🙂

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Yesterday on my Hump Day Hype post I actually talked about a book I got from my boyfriend. He gave it to me for Christmas even though it just came out haha. I told him it was a book that I wanted, but when someone listens and gives it to you as a gift it automatically makes it more important. 🙂 It’s exactly why I put my library books on hold and picked it up instead. I decided I’m just gonna return the library books, because there’s no way I’ll be getting to them this month. Plus, I wanna read the books my guy got me. ❤ I’m so excited to read them.

I know some people have asked me what I want for holidays or birthdays but when I say books they usually say, “I don’t know what books you want”. Well two things: 1.) I can easily give you a really long list haha and 2.) if you get me a book that you personally picked out because you think I would like it then it already holds a special place in my heart whether I like the book or not. 🙂 I wish some people realized that more, because it’s very true.

My love for books is just so great and I am so thankful to have discovered such an amazing community as well. I’m glad that I’ve dug deeper into my reading and made it such a big part of my life because now it’s also a part of me. I can’t imagine my life without my books. I wouldn’t be the same person if I never started reading so much. That I know for sure. 🙂 It’s just such a passion of mine and I’m so thankful to get to share it with so many other people too. 🙂

Reading is such a relaxing thing and it also just makes me feel better in general. It’s also a lot of fun to become engrossed in so many different and new worlds that books create. The way you can just get wrapped up in a book for hours at a time or read multiple books at a time..it’s truly incredible. 🙂

I wish more people would gift me books even if they’re unsure of what I like, because I’m not a picky person and I also know that if you gift me a book that you found interested you then I’m sure I’ll like it. Like I said before even if I don’t like it the fact that you gave me a little piece of you is gift enough and it’ll always remain something I love. 🙂

I think books make some really great gifts and I love to give people books, but I try to refrain myself sometimes because I know not everyone is as big of a reader as I am haha. I just can’t help myself though. I find books and I think, “that person would love this!”. So, maybe it’s my way of turning everyone into readers because I’ll just keep getting them books haha. Also, I find if you get them a book and then read around them they’ll pick up the book you got them. 🙂 It’s converting them without them realizing it. 😉

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Anyway, I think that’s all I have. I’m super thankful for books and the people who gift me books. 🙂 I’m also very thankful for all the authors on NetGalley even though I haven’t reviewed all the books I’ve gotten and I’m super behind! Still super thankful and excited about them though. 🙂

Have a wonderful day y’all! ❤ ❤

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