February’s Lots-Of-Love Day 22

I’m writing this post in advance since I have work and I get in late. I don’t know why I felt the need to let y’all know…maybe it’s because I hardly ever write posts in advance so this is a big deal for me haha.

Today’s love themed post is gonna be about self love! So, by no means am I good at self love haha but there are some things I like to do that make me feel good. Kinda like pampering myself. 🙂 So let’s get to it!

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Something I love that instantly makes me feel better would be a face mask! I love face masks because they just make me feel like I’m taking care of myself. 🙂 I usually do them when I’m down or when my face decides to break out. I don’t do them a lot because they are honestly expensive haha. I know they’re only a couple of dollars but to me 2-5 dollars is a lot for one face mask. I do have a few face masks that are liquid form in tubes so I like that those ones last longer and I get more uses out of them. 🙂

I also like to drink tea to unwind and relax. Pretty much my pamper routine is make tea put on a face mask and either read a book, listen to music, or watch YouTube. 🙂 I like to do these things while I’m on trips too but it’s not as easy to do if I don’t have a long layover or something.

I also love a thing called therapy shopping haha. I love to spend money on books or clothes or anything I’ve been wanting for a while. I don’t do it a lot anymore since I have to pay for other things and I’m trying to save my money. Sometimes I like to splurge on myself though.

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Honestly, I don’t do a lot of things to pamper myself. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m bad at it or I don’t feel like I’m worth spending that money on. If y’all have any self-care/pampering tips please comment them below! I could always use some more ways to feel better about myself and to relax. 🙂

Sometimes I will journal if I remember or have the time. 🙂 Depending on what I’m journaling about that can make me feel better. Or getting food that I’m craving! That always makes me happy haha. I already had a post about cravings which you should check out if you haven’t already! What else do I do that makes me happy? Spending time with my favorite guy always makes me feel better, but then it sucks to leave haha. Oh! I also like to take baths to relax, but I’m not very good at sitting there for a long time…I’ve tried haha. Maybe I need to learn some patience.

Anyway, comment below some more tips and ideas!!!:) ❤

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