February’s Lots-Of-Love

Today’s post is gonna be really short because I’m kinda busy and I’m really tired too. Plus the whole battery thing. So, today’s love themed post is gonna be about awesome book covers that I love! It’s gonna be a picture post and not a talking post because of the reasons I listed above.

I really hope y’all forgive me for such a crappy post!! Here are some books with absolutely beautiful covers!!! Some of these books were good, some of them weren’t, and some of them I still haven’t read yet haha. I feel awful posting such a short and horrible post, but I’m kinda busy at the moment, but it’s okay I guess. Forgive me y’all!!

Comment below some of your favorite book covers. 🙂 Also, I realize that there are lots of pretty book covers out there and I missed a big chunk of the popular ones, but I made do with what I had haha. Love y’all!! ❤

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