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Going Green?

So, I figured I would let y’all in on this little journey I’m gonna be starting. I really hope y’all enjoy this post. Also, if it seems random and weird at some part well 1.) that’s just how I am and 2.) I took cough medicine and it makes you feel kinda loopy…hence why you have to show ID for it….especially if you look 12. XD Anyway, let’s get on with the post.

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So, I’ve been really into this whole Zero Waste movement/ No Plastic movement. I saw some picture of animals that had been affected by waste and it made me sad and so I started looking into how I could help and I kind of discovered this. I’m not gonna lie I heard about it before a while ago and I thought it sounded crazy, but the more I research the cooler I think it is. Not only can it help save the Earth it can help save you money as well.

Now when I started my research I thought…”well this is gonna cost me more money by the looks of it since I have so many plastic containers”. However, it’s not only about not using plastic it’s also about not wasting things so I realized I can continue to use my plastic containers until they break and once they do I can get more sustainable ones.

Now what I love about this is that you don’t have to be perfect at it. It’s okay if you buy some junk food every once and in while but it has already made me more conscious of what I consume and what I waste. It’s actually mind-blowing how much more things I’m aware of that I use. Like I spend so much unnecessary money on things I don’t need but want and now that I’m gonna start this that’ll change completely! It’s insane! Like I didn’t even realize how many different things there are that come in no plastic packaging or you can just make yourself. It also helps promote healthy eating since you can’t go buy your favorite pre-packaged foods.

I won’t be doing this hardcore because 1.) I’m staring out and 2.) I don’t have my own place so I don’t really grocery shop anyway. However there are some simple swaps I can make once I use up the products I have. Some examples are: deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup wipes, coffee (K-cups specifically), tea, face wash, etc.

You’d actually be surprised how many products have plastic in them. Like I didn’t know that most tea bags contain some plastic…isn’t that crazy? Some alternatives are tea bags without plastic that are biodegradable or loose leaf tea. πŸ™‚ Also, most coffee cups can’t actually be recycled because they’re lined with plastic so they usually just end up in landfills. However, a lot of coffee shops will fill your own cup if you bring one, even Starbucks does. Most coffee shops will offer a small discount if you do this too. πŸ˜€ Seeing all this stuff has completely changed my way of thinking, spending, and how I do things. I haven’t even really dived into this lifestyle and it’s already changing me.

I like to try new things and when I find something I usually go all in haha. I don’t think I’ll go too crazy with this though. I could never be completely zero waste because there are still things I love that come in plastic and I don’t wanna give those up. I just figured maybe this would be a cool thing to try even if I’m not perfect at it. Just to help me be more aware of what I buy and use. I figured this could also help me be more creative when it comes to shopping or making my own things. πŸ™‚


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