Three Stars

Three Stars

It’s been a while since I’ve done this post, but I figured I would sit down and do it since I had the time and I needed a post for today. 🙂

1. Grandparents!

1. I’m gonna go see my grandparents today so that’s a good thing. I love seeing them so I’m excited about that because it’s been a while since I’ve gone to see them. Not too long but long enough haha. I don’t like being alone so I like to go see them because I love being around them and it helps me to stay positive. 🙂

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2. Grocery Shopping!

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2. I actually went grocery shopping today which doesn’t seem like much but I don’t do it a lot. I also went for the first time since deciding to be more “zero waste”. It was expensive because I want to try making something that required more expensive food, but that’s okay. I also had to buy some things in plastic since I’m trying that new recipe.

However, I’ll tell y’all something that happened today that made me feel great. So, I am not good at anything that draws attention to myself. I have bad social anxiety and I over think everything. For example I need brussels sprouts for a recipe and I brought my own reusable produce bags but I was so nervous to go put the brussels sprouts in my own bag because of what people would think. “Oh, look at that girl what is she doing?” “Oh, look how weird she is. She probably doesn’t know how to shop.” Etc. but instead of buying frozen brussels sprouts like I almost did, I went over and got my own brussels sprouts. I told myself “you bought these reusable bags for a reason now use them. This isn’t for them it’s for you and making a difference in the earth. It’s not about anyone else. Who cares about them.” And I did it and I know it seems so small but it’s huge for me. 🙂 I’m so proud of myself for doing it despite my fears.

I even told the grocer that I didn’t need a grocery bag because I had my own which was also a huge step for me because they had already put some of my stuff in a plastic grocery bag. So, normally I would have just let it slide because I don’t like confrontation but I actually spoke up and said I had my own. So….point Abigail and zero for anxiety!

3. Our House

our house

3. I finally finished a book this week. I have been reading so slow lately and I finally finished this one a few days ago and I’m so happy right now. I’ve also been reading before bed. I’ve been setting a 30 minute timer, which I understand isn’t much, but it’s a good place for me. I’ve actually gotten through a good portion of my book because of it and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

Anyway I hope y’all enjoyed this post and just remember that the little things can still be big to you. 🙂

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