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Three Stars

Hey. I didn’t realize today was Sunday so that’s why this post is kind of late. Plus, today and yesterday were kind of rough. If you’re not aware, this is a post I do where I write three positive things that happened this week. I hope y’all enjoy.

1. Napping

Image result for napping gif.

1. I know it seems dumb but I took a nap today and it was beautiful. I haven’t been sleeping much these past three days have made it kind of rough and I didn’t wanna nap because then I have trouble sleeping later, but I couldn’t help it. I needed that nap and it was just beautiful. What I need to do is stop staying up late when I have to work early. Oh well…it happens. I’m gonna be honest I’m still really tired.

2. Reading More Than Ever

2. I’m reading more than I have in a while. Not only that I’m also in the best reading mood I’ve been in since I started this job. Thanks to BookTube getting me back into wanting to read, I feel beyond excited to read. I’m actually almost finished with a book and I just can’t believe how much my reading motivation has changed. I’m loving it though and I’ll do what I can to keep it like this.

Speaking of books I went to the bookstore the other day, which was pretty much self sabotage. However, I didn’t buy any books…I almost lost that battle and bought three books. I’m really trying to finish more of the books that I have before I even buy anymore so I just ended up taking pictures of the books I wanted. I’ll buy them one day…can’t promise if it’ll be sooner or later, but as of right now I’m kind of proud of myself. I almost just went ahead and bought them, but I’m really trying to be better about my spending and I have a crap ton of books at home to read. So, I’ll try to get through those books as soon as I can in order to buy these other three books haha.

3. Won a Giveaway!

not like everyone else

3. This is one of the books I won…I can’t for the life of me remember the other book that I won. I know it’s a contemporary book though…and I think it’s romance…and maybe YA. I tired looking for it with my sad excuse of a description and it didn’t help. However, as soon as I finish the book I’m reading now I’ll start these two books so y’all will find out eventually. 🙂 I wish I could remember the name of it…oh well. My bad haha.

Once again I’m sorry this post is late! have a great rest of you night y’all! ❤



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