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Cinco De Mayo Madness

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So, let’s talk about my most recent trip. I was in Mexico for Cinco De Mayo! Which, may sound absolutely awesome….except for the fact that we got in at 11:00 p.m. and we were only there for 13 hours. So, the only thing open was a Denny’s and not enough time to get drinks anyway haha. Oh well!

This past trip was kind of crazy though. Well, it felt crazy to me. However, my other flight attendant was awesome and I’m really happy I wasn’t stuck with a stick-in-the-mud for an FA (flight attendant). So, what all happened on this trip?

Well, yesterday we had a Harlingen turn which is a pretty quick flight meaning I can’t get through everyone if I’m doing service. So, I did a water service and if anyone wanted anything else they could just let me know. However, during the water service, we started making our gradual descent which means I have to start cleaning up and stop service. Well I had 3 passengers that didn’t get water and they decided they need to 1.) complain about to during our final descent and 2.) get mad because they couldn’t get water. I explained we’re making our final descent so I can’t hand out anything anymore. That pissed this one couple off and he tried explaining something, I don’t know, and I just walked away haha. I didn’t have time for his nonsense. We were gonna land in like 10 minutes. So, then they decided to explain it to my other FA saying they weren’t offered water blah blah blah. We both told them they can have some water when we get on the ground. We land and guess what? They don’t want the water that my FA had ready for them. You know why? Because it really wasn’t that important. People like to sit and complain about things just because they think that as an FA we are there to do whatever they want and to make sure they are perfect. Nope. I’m there to make sure you’re safe. Your comfort comes second. People genuinely want things just because other people have them. Not once did those passengers ring their call button to tell me they really needed water. That’s because it really didn’t matter. It never matters until it comes to the point in the flight when they can’t have it. Long story short don’t be a pos person. XD

Oh, another awesome thing about our flight coming back from Harlingen was that there were only 6 people. That’s right…SIX PASSENGERS!!!! So freaking awesome! It was the perfect way to end a long trip. It was also kind of funny because of course, they wanted to be in first class, but we can’t do that because of weight and balance. However, we did have to move 3 people to first class and of the three we moved not one of them asked to be in first. The 3 people we didn’t move were all the ones who asked. I just think it’s kinda funny how life works.

Let’s see…what else? I had some older passenger start hitting on me. That was super awkward. I don’t get many passengers hitting on me because I look extremely young. Like really young. And let’s be honest I’m not a smokeshow haha. However, on a quick flight, this guy comes back to my galley and starts talking to me. I’m not good at picking up if people are hitting on me because 1.) I never think anyone wants to hit on me and 2.) you have to be super obvious or I won’t know. This guy was obvious. He said things like “you have really pretty hands”, “I’ve never met a cute stewardess before”, “You got a boyfriend? Of course, the pretty ones always got a guy”, etc. I was nice and all but that was still awkward. Especially when he started talking about how much money he makes. Like good for you, I don’t care haha. Plus he looked kinda old…not like old old but too old for me haha.

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Oh! I almost forgot that I almost died! Not literally but I almost got hurt because we hit some pretty bad turbulence and our freaking CA (captain) didn’t warn us at all! So, that was freaking scary. It also left my other FA and me paranoid the entire trip. Not super fun. I’m just glad we didn’t have the cart out or anything because that could have been super dangerous.

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I hope y’all enjoyed the little stories of my travels. Have a great day y’all!!!

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