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What The Fork?!?

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Forks…and crazy people are what I’ve been dealing with at work. I figured I haven’t shared a work story in a while and maybe y’all would like to hear one?

So, recently my trips have been crazy. I don’t know what’s been in the air but apparently, no one wants to behave and the universe seems to be against me haha. Oh well, I just gotta roll with the punches.

So, on my last trip, I was just doing my normal service, like the good flight attendant that I am. And this woman asked for a fork which I told her we didn’t have. She then continued to ask and then got mad because I kept saying we didn’t have any forks. “Y’all don’t have a single fork on this plane? What about a fork in y’all’s kitchen?” So, I responded back with, “Nope, we don’t have any extra forks. We have forks that come with the first class meals, but this is a full flight and there are no extra forks”. She got all huffy-puffy and just laughed. I don’t know who buys a salad without grabbing a fork…I also don’t know why she got mad at me when the planes don’t have forks. The only meals we have are for first class passengers…I’m not sure if other, bigger, planes have forks since they usually have meals…but she was so upset about it.

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Let’s see…I don’t wanna leave this post so short so I’ll tell y’all about something else that happened on my most recent trip as well. So, we were flying through Dulles and they threw a turn on our schedule. We were only supposed to have 2 flights that day but they ended up giving us another 2 which equals…4. I’m glad y’all are keeping up. šŸ˜‰ Anyway, I was pretty annoyed because I literally had the same thing happen the previous week. To make matters worse we didn’t get to the hotel until 3 in the morning and we were on minimum rest, which is 10 hours. Which, sucks because obviously by the time you get to the hotel and get ready for bed…you no longer have 10 hours of actual rest.

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Anyway, to make mattersĀ evenĀ worse the plane we got had some issues. One of the issues was that someone tried to flush a diaper. A little word of advice to y’all…..pass it along, do not flush things down the toilet other than toilet paper. No tampons, pads, diapers, trash, etc. Just don’t do it. There is a trashcan in the bathroom for a reason. Since someone tried to flush a diaper the toilet was clogged and overflowed with pee/poo water. Disgusting! However, the biggest problem was that every time we landed it would slosh out of the toilet and pour all over the floor in my galley. It was nasty!!!! Bleh.

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Instead of fixing it because the flight was already delayed for a couple of hours, they decided to place a trash bag on the toilet to “cover it”. Yeah, it still sloshed out everywhere. What’s even worse is that the crew taking the plane out the next day has to deal with it. Sometimes, I hate this industry just because money matters so much…it’s just annoying. I mean that was also so unsanitary because it spills out into my galley where the drinks and snacks are kept. It’s so gross. I was so mad that they didn’t actually try to fix it. They should have just canceled the stupid flights. It was such a rough day because the entire plane smelled like a portapotty.

Just gotta push through it though haha. The crew made it better because they were cool to fly with. Specifically my other flight attendant. She was super chill and funny. It’s bad when you have a bad trip and a bad crew…it makes you wanna quit haha. Just glad I managed to make it through that awful day.

I hope y’all enjoyed these little work stories.

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