Let Me Be Real With Y’all

Hey, y’all! So, I’ve been slacking on this blog and in my reading. However, I’m gonna be real with y’all…I’m not necessarily upset about it. That’s mainly because I’ve been busy. I’ve been making friends at work so I go out more on my days off, I’ve been thinking about changing careers so I research every single chance I get, I’ve been focusing on my fitness and working out more, and I also get lazy.

Life happens. I should be reading more, but reading is a fun thing I do and I’m not gonna stress about it if I don’t reach my goal. I’ll probably just end up lowering my goal if we’re honest. I’ll have to see how I feel when I get back from this trip haha.

I feel bad that I don’t post on here, but when I’m not reading…there’s not really anything else for me to post about. I don’t wanna delete my blog though because I have made friends on here. Even if we don’t chat on a regular basis I still consider my beautiful followers, friends. 🙂 ❤

That’s basically my life. I got really busy with work and I would be very lazy on my days off. Then I found a career that interested me and now it’s all I can think about so I’ve been researching it constantly trying to get as much information as possible. I don’t wanna spoil anything until something happens with that. I don’t really plan on changing careers…soon, soon…but maybe within the next year or two. We’ll see. 🙂 I’m still working on myself at the moment. Plus, I wanna surprise y’all when it happens. (I’m 99% sure it’ll happen so don’t worry! Y’all will find out eventually.) Right now everything is just a thought and the fact I’m researching this job so much is why I’m so certain it’ll happen. The last time I wanted a job this bad was…when I wanted to be a flight attendant and y’all see how that worked out!

I figured I would just let y’all know that I’m not trying to be absent on my blog but a lot has been going on in my life at the moment. Things are looking very good for me and I’m very excited to see where I go in life. I couldn’t be happier with how much life has improved since I stopped caring about unimportant people and put time and energy into my beautiful self! ❤ Great things y’all, great things.

I love y’all and I hope all of y’all understand! ❤ ❤


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