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Labour Day Weekend

Good morning! I hope y’all had a great Labour Day weekend. I did not haha. So, I figured this is something to write about and what better time to do it than now?

So, yesterday I was feeling very lazy and honestly very tired. I decided to go to the store to get some paint before they closed and on my way home I got into a car accident. Yay. So, what happened was that I was in the far right lane and the far right lane doesn’t have to stop and this guy in the lane next to me just started getting over. I of course laid on the horn and slammed on the breaks. Doesn’t matter though because this dingus of a driver ended up hitting me anyway.

I follow him into the parking lot. He almost seemed like he wasn’t gonna stop, but he finally did. I get out of my car and instantly this guy starts telling me it’s my fault and that I need to pay attention because he had his signal on.

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So, I just went off on this guy. I guess living in da city has given me a little more courage. I started yelling at him that you can’t just move over because you have your signal on and that he needs to make sure he’s clear before he moves over, blah, blah, blah.

I start taking pictures of the cars and stuff. I tell him I need his license and insurance and he says “no, you give me yours”. Of course, that makes me angrier because it wasn’t even my fault so I say fine I’ll just call the police. I called the police and we’re waiting for them to show up when another guy from his group approaches me and asks how long it’ll take. I obviously have no clue when the cop will be there. So, he asks if we just wanna exchange information and I said no that I already tried and he didn’t want to and that we would just wait for the police to show up.

The cop finally showed up and of course, this guy is saying I wasn’t paying attention. The cop asked me what happened and I told him what actually happened. He looks at the damage on our cars and then explains to the group that where the initial contact is is too far forward for it to be my fault and that it dragged since I slammed on the breaks. It’s not like my car just hit his bumper it hit the rear passenger door.

The officer then asked me if I wanted a crash report because they were willing to just exchange information. Sounds all fine and dandy, but since they were being problems before I wanted that crash report. Of course, they were at fault and the guy got a ticket.

Image result for happy gif

The rest of the day was fine because I went to eat with my grandparents and then hung out at their place. Wasn’t a very good day, but it was salvageable.

I hope y’all had a good Labour Day though! I’m glad I didn’t have to work yesterday. I’ll be busy today, but I figured this would be at least something to post. I’ll have to call the insurance company today and see what’s gonna happen with the car. The damage is very minimal and it’s not like the car was in amazing shape anyway since my sister hit a deer with it already. We’ll see what happens!

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