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Good morning! I figured I would do a bookish post and talk about the books I’m reading at the moment. 🙂 I hope y’all enjoy this post even though it’ll probably be disorganized.

As y’all know I’m reading these two books at the moment. I’ve mostly been listening to the audiobook for IT. The audiobook is pretty good and helps me to pay attention to what’s actually going on…otherwise, I would never finish this book.

I’ll be honest…at the moment I’m thinking the rating I give IT is gonna be kinda low. I just feel like Stephen King talks about so many things that don’t matter. Like this book could be a good 300 pages, but Stephen King needed to make sure we knew how nice the grass looked that one specific day. (Sorry not sorry if you’re a King fan). He’s just going over way too much and it takes forever to get to any action or even anything that matters. So, much of what he talks about doesn’t seem to hold any significance whatsoever. I’m gonna finish the book though.

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Moving on. I really like Endurance so far. I love all things space so it’s not too surprising that I’m a big fan of this book already. I also think he did an amazing job at making it a pretty understandable book considering sometimes science can be hard to follow haha. Especially when it’s the science that’s involved with space travel, but he does a good job at breaking it down.

My goal for today is to finish Endurance which is a really lofty goal considering I still have about 255 pages left. I can hopefully just sit down and do it though. I’ve been being super lazy as of recent which is why I haven’t been reading as much. I don’t have much going on today so I’m sure if I just buckle down and force myself to do it that I’ll be able to. I’ll probably try to tackle it in segments. Like that studying method where you study for 25 minutes and then get a 5-minute break. I’ll try something like that and see how it goes. Fingers crossed for me. I know I keep saying that…

I don’t know how I get distracted so easily though. It’s not like I talk to people or have friends to distract me haha. I mostly start binge-watching YouTube and then I don’t wanna stop. I also seem to let pretty much anything and everything distract me if we’re completely honest. Not today though! Today, I’ll finish this book!!

I hope y’all have a wonderful day today! I’ll be doing my “I Am Thankful For…” post later. So, be on the lookout for that! 🙂

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