I Am Thankful For…

I’m sorry I forgot to do this post yesterday! I would say I’m surprised…but I’m really not haha. I’m just a forgetful person.

Anyway, I am thankful for the food I get to enjoy.

Image result for food gif

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a meal every day. I’m always thankful for the food I get to enjoy considering for some people the food I eat can be considered a luxury. If I want something I have the funds to go buy it and not everyone does.

I think the older I’ve gotten the more grateful I’ve become. I try my best to always thank God for each meal because it is a luxury. Not everyone is able to have three meals a day. I’m just very thankful to be able to eat when I feel like it and not worry about where my next meal is gonna come from.

Today I went to the Renaissance Festival with my family and it was fun. Lots of good eating. Overpriced eating but good eating nonetheless. It was a lot of fun. I ate some chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick which was awesome! I used to dislike cheesecake but now I love it I guess haha. I think it was just because I found cheesecake to be too rich. It’s still pretty rich but now I like it.

I’m actually eating as I write this post. I’m eating some burritos. Some really good burritos.

Food is just so great. I’m thankful for the wide range of food as well. There are so many different options to fill any craving you have. Food can bring people together in such amazing ways. Kinda like Thanksgiving…*wink wink nudge nudge*. Food has some pretty awesome history as well. It’s kinda mindblowing if you really think about it all. That’s why I’m so very grateful to have access to the food I do.

Have a wonderful night y’all! ❤

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