I Am Thankful For…

Sorry, I’m late/behind on this/these post(s). I’m working so I didn’t have the time to post. Well, actually I did have the time but I didn’t have the Wi-Fi to post. So, that’s why it’s so late haha.

Today I am thankful for kind people.

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I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t really been too great and I really haven’t been wanting to work. So, the few kind passengers I come across really change my mood. It’s hard to deal with rude passengers and I’ve already had to deal with a lot of them. So, when I had a few nice/amazing passengers on my most recent flight it just made me feel so much better. It’s nice to have people who are just genuinely kind.

So, many people who travel have this rude entitlement to them. I, unfortunately, deal with that a lot. However, today there was this adorable couple. I’m talking so freaking cute. They were a little older and they were so incredibly sweet and just so cute!! Her husband was so silly and she was so kind and they had a bit of a rough day but you wouldn’t have been able to tell because of how kind they were.

I really appreciate the people who do basic/simple things that are sweet. It’s not hard yet not everyone does it because for some people it’s going out of their way. I love to be kind to people and I try my best so I for sure appreciate it when the favor is returned.

People really don’t realize how small acts of kindness have such a big impact. For example, when people are boarding. If I greet you and you ignore me I’ll remember that. It’s rude and if there is a chance we need to move people to first-class for weight and balance then I won’t move someone who didn’t even greet me. I’m petty like that. However, the people who acknowledge me or even ask how I’m doing are my favorite. It instantly makes me feel good especially when I can ask them how their day is going back.

I’m not good at initiating small talk but I do enjoy it with passengers. I wish I was able to be more social with passengers. I’m working on it haha. I do appreciate it when passengers talk to me though. It’s nice to get to know them and just chat. It helps pass the time too.

I know I’m bringing up a lot of work incidences for this one but obviously, it doesn’t only apply to travel or airports/planes. Small things such as smiling at someone or holding the door open can change someone’s mood. Or for me, I like to pay for the car behind me when I get Starbucks. If you get Starbucks every single day then this might not be the best idea but if you only go through the drive-through every once in a while then it can be a nice surprise for the person behind you. I’m a big believer in karma. I also believe that you should try to make others’ lives better rather than harder/worse. We all have our own personal battles that we fight and there’s no need to make someone else’s day worse just because you had a bad day.

Kind souls are a blessing to this earth. You don’t have to go out of your way to be kind either. Like I said…a smile works just fine.

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Stay kind y’all ❤ ❤

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