Meditation For Life

“We’re not as in control of our minds as we think.” ~Meditation For Life

meditation for life

Meditation For Life by Justyn Comer: 4/5 Stars


Career, relationships, health, happiness, sport, creativity – you name it – they can all be enhanced by the practice of meditation. It has the power to improve every aspect of our lives.

Although there has recently been a lot of coverage of meditation, most people still see it narrowly as being a relaxation technique, or a spiritual exercise. It can be both these things, but it is also so much more.

This book is an attempt to explain the ‘more’.

My Review:

This is gonna be a spoiler-free review. Also, I got a free e-copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 🙂 I hope y’all enjoy.

This will probably be a short review. Just letting y’all know that haha. This is a non-fiction type book so it’s hard to spoil these books haha. I’m just gonna try to keep this review somewhat short and sweet.

I enjoyed this book and I definitely found it interesting. I’ve found meditation to be fascinating for a while and I’ve tried it before but I often thought I just wasn’t good at it or it wasn’t right for me. This book addresses that issue and how many people believe that as well. That made this book kind of eye-opening for me. It made me realize how no one is really perfect at meditation. Even the people who seem like they are experts, struggle with keeping their focus and have their mind’s wander as well. Having your mind wander is inescapable. It also takes practice in order to improve on your meditation. I didn’t really see meditation as something that needed practice.

This book definitely opened my mind up to meditation in a different way I didn’t think it would. I’ve read a different meditation book and it wasn’t like this one at all. I really enjoyed the openness of this book as well as the laidback tone.

If you’re worried this book is gonna be too religious or something I can assure you it isn’t religious at all. You can use meditation in a religious sense, which this book mentions, but it also emphasizes that meditation is for everyone. No matter what your beliefs are. It shows how open meditation is.

I think he does a good job talking about the what, why, and how of meditation. It’s not super factual/scientific, but more of an openminded kind of explanation. He does bring up some studies done and I think he weaves everything pretty nicely. He does a good job explaining it for beginners, which can sometimes be lost when someone gets used to a habitual thing in their life. The end of the book does an amazing job describing how to meditate and the different ways you can meditate.

This book did a great job of making me want to pick up meditation again and be less critical of myself this time. It was also more comforting to know that the author himself struggles with meditating every day and even in the beginning he didn’t see the point of it. I like how honest and raw he is because some people fluff things up just to help themselves in the long run. Like, write a book to make money even though they don’t believe a word they wrote. Not that that’s common. I just like seeing authors be honest and open.

Overall I recommend this book to anyone who’s thought about getting into meditation but isn’t really sure where to start. I think this book is a very good book for anyone that’s new to meditation and what it can offer. I definitely recommend this book if you’re into meditation already or if you’re just a curious person.

I hope y’all enjoyed this review. 😀 Have a wonderful day!


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