January Wrap-Up

Wow am I late! I wasn’t gonna do a wrap-up but decided I would. I’m doing this on my iPad so it may not be the best. I hope y’all enjoy anyway!

1. The Manson Women and Me by Nikki Meredith

Rating: 3/5 Stars

I just wasn’t that into this book. I didn’t really wanna pick it up. It felt kind of long and slow and I just had a rough time getting through it. It did have some interesting perspectives on the Manson women though.

2. Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

Rating: 4/5 Stars

I gave this book 4 stars but now I’m wondering if I should have given it 3.5 stars. I read this book really quickly and I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the story and how it developed. Watching the character grow and face the emotions he tries to pretend don’t exist. Oh, I remember why I gave it 4 stars now! I’ll keep it at 4 stars haha…but not gonna spoil anything. This book is pretty raw and a little wild if I’m honest haha.

Well that’s my short wrap-up. So far I’ve read three books this year. Pretty good for me anyway haha. I’m hoping to finish 3 books this month….hopefully more though! Have a wonderful day!

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