Book Haul

Here is the book haul I promised y’all. 🙂 I just ordered some more books the other day so I’ll include those in here as well. 🙂 Just a lil disclaimer: I’ve bought these over the past few months.

So I got books 2-4 in the Demon Slayer series. I read the first one a while ago and liked it. I might have to reread it though haha. The 4th one hasn’t come in yet because they gotta restock I guess.

Next I got the first two books of Haikyu! and I’m excited for these. I’ve seen some of the episodes on Netflix so I already know I like it. Actually, I didn’t think a show about men’s volleyball could be so good! Love the characters.

I got books 4 and 5 of One Piece. I loved the first 3 so I went ahead and got these two as well. I’m excited to read them. I definitely need to watch it on Netflix as well…same goes with Demon Slayer, I need to watch it on Netflix.

my hero academia

I got the first 5 books of My Hero Academia. I’ve heard so many good things about this series and I’ve seen it everywhere and decided to finally buy some of the books. 

the weight of zero

I decided to buy this book. I read this book almost 3 years ago and loved it so I decided to get my own copy of it so I can reread it. 🙂 When I first read this book I got it from the library..I’m wondering if I’ll still love it as much. 

a little life

I got this book as well and I am beyond excited to read it. It’s funny because I always thought the cover looked dumb (I’m sorry but I judged it by the cover) and was never bothered to pick it up to even read the synopsis. I mean I knew it was a popular book, but I just didn’t care. Anyway, I saw someone do a reading vlog about this book and now I’ve been dying to read it. I know it’s a heavy book so I’m gonna read it when I can actually focus on it.

I think those are all the books I got. 🙂 The manga will be really quick and easy reads..it’s just a matter of picking them up at this point. I’m excited for all of them though. I hope y’all enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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