Tea Talk


Hey y’all. Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂

Just came on here to write about whatever I want. I’m gonna talk about life and myself right now. So, if you don’t care then don’t read it haha.

So, I can already feel myself getting into a slump. I was doing really good and being really productive earlier this month, but now I feel like I don’t want to do anything. I keep sleeping in and I’m being so lazy. I was waking up at 7 a.m. each day just to make sure I got stuff done and to create some form of a routine…especially on my off days. However, now my alarm goes off and I’ll snooze it constantly and just say in bed for hours longer. I feel pretty exhausted when I wake up. I think about all the things I should do and what I need to get done and then…I just don’t do them. Even my reading is suffering again. I haven’t been blogging either which is why I’m making this post…

Things just get so overwhelming sometimes. It can be so hard to stay in the present and take each moment as it comes and not worry about what the future is going to bring. That’s easier said than done.

I’m overwhelming myself with my reading too. I keep worrying about all the books I “need” to finish before March and how I probably won’t finish them which makes me such a failure! Oh….but it doesn’t. If I don’t finish them then I can just read them next month. So…no biggie.

That’s just it. I feel like I have to be perfect all the time and be productive all the time and I don’t. Life happens. Life get’s in the way of hobbies. Hobbies get in the way of life. It’ll never be perfect and I will never be perfect and that’s okay.

This is just a rambly mess. I don’t know what is going on with this post. However, I’m going to post this anyway because this is still my reality.

Have a blessed day everyone! ❤


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