YA In May Part 4

Go ahead and see my previous posts if you’re curious about what this series is. Here’s part 1. 🙂 I got this idea from @uppercaseya on Instagram. (Just click the book’s cover to be taken to it’s Goodreads page).


1. Sunkissed by Kasie West- The synopsis for this book is pretty bland. Doesn’t pull me in at all. It sounds like a super cliche book, which isn’t necessarily a problem to me, but it doesn’t capture my attention at all.

Verdict: Not Added to TBR

some girls do

2. Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan- This sounds like a deep book with drama..which is up my alley. Also, I like that she works on cars haha I don’t know why, but I just love it. I would like to give this book a read. I’m hoping it’s got some cute romance in it as well as the deep challenges.

Verdict: Added to TBR

the ivies

3. The Ivies by Alexa Donne- This book just sounds horrible to me haha. It just sounds so dumb to me and maybe that’s because I’m a little older now. Maybe if I was still in high school I would feel different about it.

Verdict: Not Added to TBR

off the record

4. Off The Record by Camryn Garrett- At first I was like nah just sounds like a kinda boring romance, but then I kept reading and man does it get deep. I also love this cover! I wanna know what happens too.

Verdict: Added to TBR

mister impossible

5. Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater- This is book two in the Dreamer trilogy…I don’t really gravitate towards series so I’m sure y’all already know how this will go haha.

Verdict: Not Added to TBR

tokyo ever after

6. Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean- This cover! Oh Lord, it’s so stunning! I love this cover. Sadly, the book doesn’t sound like something I would really enjoy. 

Verdict: Not Added to TBR

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! I know I just did one, but I’m trying to get these out for y’all since it’s May now haha. There are still quite a few left so this may or may not be the last one I do. Just kind of depends on how I feel haha. Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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