Shortcake Cake

shortcake cake

Shortcake Cake Vol 1 by Suu Morishita

Rating: 3/5 Stars


When Ten moves out of her parents’ home in the mountains to live in a boardinghouse, she finds herself becoming fast friends with her male roommates. But can love and romance be far behind?

Ten Serizawa has a two-hour commute through the mountains to high school every day, so she can’t spend much time hanging out with her friends in the afternoon. She decides to move into the local boardinghouse, where one of her friends and three other boys are living. Ten’s friends consider her to be as oblivious as a rock when it comes to noticing boys and falling in love, but will she be able to keep her calm and steady heart in her new living situation?

My Review:

This will be a quick spoiler-free review :). I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner that I can do reviews on manga. I just realized that I can still be reviewing the manga that I’m finishing since I haven’t been finishing much else. I don’t know why it took me so long to come to this, but here we are haha. I hope y’all enjoy!

So, I got this because I’ve been wanting romance, but I have other books that are my main focus so I didn’t want to start a romance novel. I figured trying some romance manga is the next best thing! Once again I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but at least I’m here now.

I don’t hate this manga, but I don’t love it either. It’s a quick, easy, and kinda fun read. Not much romance is going on yet, but that’s to be expected haha. I do find that the story isn’t anything to exciting so far, but I mean it’s not like Hunter X Hunter so I didn’t expect anything too crazy haha.

I find that I do like the main character, Ten, but all of the characters including her are kind of bland. They aren’t unlikable though, so that’s good to me. I think Ten is adorable and I like how she doesn’t seem to care too much of what other people think. 🙂

I will say that I get some of the characters confused. I feel like the guys kind of look the same and so sometimes I get confused who’s talking, but don’t worry I usually figure it out haha.

Overall, not much has happened yet. The potential romance is obviously there. A love triangle exists. I’m gonna buy the next volume though, because I still want to see how things unfold. It’s not my favorite manga, but I still like the characters enough to want to know them more. I also want to see how the romance works out. Ten doesn’t really seem like the romantic type so this could be interesting.

Anyway, have you read this series? Does it get better? Did you like it? Are you interested in it? Comment below! Chat with me! I love talking to y’all. 🙂 If you have any manga recommendations leave them in the comments as well. 🙂

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