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Discussion Post: Do you write in your books?

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I wanted to make this post mainly because of how I’ve changed over the past year even. I figured it would be fun to talk about.

Personally, I would never write in my books. I found it to be awful and felt like it ruined the book. Kind of like how some people dogear a page. I have however changed my feelings towards writing in books.

Maybe some of y’all also subscribe to the BookTuber Noelle? She’s one of my favorite BookTubers. Anyway, if you’ve ever watched her videos you’ll know that she loves used books and she likes to mark up her books as well. I did find it kind of inspiring how much she loves a used book and how she considers them beautiful because they’ve lived their own little life. I just found her take on them kind of inspiring.

Now don’t get me wrong I used to only want new books, but ever since I moved and got a job I would visit HPB (Half Price Books) a lot and I did start to appreciate a good used book. This could also be another discussion post so I won’t go into too much depth haha.

That being said I think I’ve grown out of some old ‘reading’ habits and one of those is thinking I shouldn’t mark up a book. I don’t write a ton in my books. It also depends on the book as well because some books I don’t think I’ll keep so I’ll just use little tabs to mark up the book. If it’s a book I think will stay on my shelf for a long time then I definitely don’t mind marking it up.

I kind of think marking up a book has become fun to me. It’s just another way to be creative in my eyes. Sometimes I’ll use random colors, sometimes I’ll color coordinate the tabs to the colors on the cover of the book, sometimes I highlight, sometimes I use color coordinating pens, etc.

Why mark up a book? Like I said I think it depends on the book. If it’s a book you’re reading for school you may need certain things from the book to meet certain criteria. For now I just do it for fun. Sometimes it can be helpful for writing reviews as well. I also think it can help me pay more attention to what I’m reading. For example I’m reading the classic Jacob’s Room and I’ve been tabbing and highlighting things as I go. I’m only highlighting quotes I like. I thought about going into more depth and highlighting and writing in the book when I notice stuff like symbolism, irony, etc. I decided against that because I’m not great with classics and figured I could always do that with a different classic or when I get better at recognizing and understanding said things in classics.

Overall I do like to tab, write, mark up a book nowadays. I think it’s fun and it makes the book feel more special to me if that makes any sense. For the books I’m not sure I’m ready to write in I usually just use tabs which is another alternative so you don’t “ruin” the book depending on how you feel about marking in a book. 🙂

Comment below! Do you write or mark up your books? If so why? If not why not? I love to chat with y’all and read your comments ❤

6 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Do you write in your books?

  1. I used to be extremely uncomfortable with marking my books, but I’m getting better. I’ve only marked up a couple though so far. I like to mark up non-fiction books, especially if they’re on subjects that I’ll find useful later in life. Lately, I’ve been considering marking up a book that I find extremely relatable and has lots of quotes I love. I think writing in books can be neat, especially if I keep the books long enough to pass on to my future kids.

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  2. i tried it once and it felt so useless as i know i’ll never look at those notes ever again. i think everyone has different reasons for it. for me, i like to keep them in good nick incase i need to donate or sell them (depending on space requirements etc). i’ve never had to do this, but the thought has always been there. same as a car, i wouldn’t dent it as i know it’ll lower it’s value later on. idk why i just compared books to a car 😂😂

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    1. Haha I totally get that XD XD That’s why for some books I only tab them because if I’m pretty certain I won’t be keeping that book then I don’t want to make any marks in it haha


  3. I don’t write in my books. I understand people marking up their books but I just can’t bring myself to write in my books. The only thing I don’t have issue with writing in my book is my name. I’ve done that in a few books but I don’t even do that very often.

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    1. That’s one reason I like ebooks! Writing without the guilt haha 🙂 That’s also why I’ve used journals when I know I’ll be writing a review for a book. I totally understand not wanting to write in a book though

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