Nerves Of Steel

Nerves Of Steel by Tammy Jo Shults

Rating: 4/5 Stars


Tammie Jo Shults has spent her entire life loving the skies. Though the odds were against her, she became one of the few female fighter pilots in the Navy. In 1994, after serving her country honorably for eight years, Tammie Jo left the Navy and joined Southwest Airlines in the early 1990’s.

On April 17, 2018, Tammie Jo was called to service once again. Twenty minutes into a routine domestic flight, Captain Shults was faced with the unthinkable—a catastrophic engine failure in the Boeing 737 caused an explosion that punctured hydraulic lines and severed fuel lines, tearing away sections of the plane, puncturing a window, and taking a woman’s life. Captain Shults and her first officer, Darren Ellisor, struggled to stabilize the aircraft.

Drawing deeply from her well of experience, Tammie Jo was able to wrestle the severely damaged 737 safely to the ground. Not originally scheduled for that flight, there is no doubt God had prepared her and placed her right where she needed to be that day.

My Review:

This incredible woman is truly an inspiration. Tammy faced so many hardships throughout her life and never let it get her down. She moved forward and kept going despite the people telling her she couldn’t do it. I’m genuinely impressed and so inspired by who Tammy is.

I’m pretty happy to have picked up this book. I wasn’t sure if I would like it and I know it gets compared to Sully and I wanted to make sure I kept an open mind because those are two completely different people that were put in two completely different situations.

One of the biggest things I liked about this book was how close of a relationship Tammy has with God. If you’re not Christian then you might want to skip this book, because God playes a huge role in Tammy’s life and I thought it made the book even more beautiful if I’m honest. It’s clear to see how much God has shaped Tammy’s life and mader her the incredible person she is. The way she would turn to God during some truly awful situations was incredible to me. I know I’m someone who can be quick to anger or let it get me down, but she would trun to God and keep moving forward. She is such a light in life.

I thought this book would mostly be about the crash but it is mostly about her life. She has lived an incredible life though. I was pretty suprised to see how people treated her in aviation al because of the fact that she was a female pilot. I knew people don’t always agree with having women fly planes, but the hate she got and the way she handled it was shocking. She really does an incredible job handling adversity and I agree so much with a lot of what she said as well as her views.

I would say a dislike would be that the writing could be a little choppy and not as well described for those not in aviation or the military.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I’m glad I picked it up. If you are Christian and like aviation then I think this is a good read. If you’re not Christian then you may not care for the talk of God. I thought it was a good read and like I’ve said a thousand times, it was very inspirational to me.

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