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Hey, y’all, it’s been a while since I’ve written a BOTM post so I figured I would share my pick for October.

sign here

Sign Here Synopsis:

Peyote Trip has a pretty good gig in the deals department on the fifth floor of Hell. Sure, none of the pens work, the coffee machine has been out of order for a century, and the only drink on offer is Jägermeister, but Pey has a plan—and all he needs is one last member of the Harrison family to sell their soul.

When the Harrisons retreat to the family lake house for the summer, with their daughter Mickey’s precocious new friend, Ruth, in tow, the opportunity Pey has waited a millennium for might finally be in his grasp. And with the help of his charismatic coworker Calamity, he sets a plan in motion.

But things aren’t always as they seem, on Earth or in Hell. And as old secrets and new dangers scrape away at the Harrisons’ shiny surface, revealing the darkness beneath, everyone must face the consequences of their choices.

My Thoughts:

I’m actually really excited about this book. Its expected publication date is the 25th of this month. It seems like it’ll be a fun read with some humor and mystery. It has pretty good ratings on Goodreads right now; honestly, I feel this will be a five-star read for me. However, I’m going to try to go into this book open-mindedly without bias, haha. This is the book I’m most excited to read this month.

What book did you pick for your October BOTM?? Comment below! 🙂


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