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What Have I Read?

So I’ve seen similar posts to this where people talk about the books they purchased in 2021 and whether they’ve read them or not. There are different variations to this type of post as well. The post I saw was by Ely over at Earl Grey Books, so make sure you check out her post! 🙂 Let’s get into the books I bought last year and if I’ve read them or not; by the way, these are only the books I put in book haul posts, so it could be missing a few, haha.

Demon Slayer Vol. 2-4, Haikyu! Vol.1 & 2, and One Piece Vol. 4

I actually have read all of these mangas so that’s a good start, right? I haven’t continued with Haikyu or Once Piece, I just need to buy the next in the series. I will one day, haha.

One Piece Vol. 5, My Hero Academia Vol. 1-5, The Weight Of Zero, A Little Life, Hunter X Hunter Vol. 4, and Horimiya

I’ve read all of these books…but technically, I haven’t read The Weight Of Zero. I actually read it years ago, but I haven’t read it again since I bought my own copy of it. I also haven’t continued with these manga yet, haha.

Say I Love You Vol. 1 & 2 and Perfect World Vol. 1-4

I have also read all these as well. Looks like last year was a manga-filled year, haha. I actually just bought some more of Perfect World so I can’t wait to continue with that series. 🙂

Shortcake Vol. 1 & 2, On Mystic Lake, Seal Of Honor, From Lukov With Love, and Instant Karma

I have also read all of these books. I didn’t continue with the Shortcake series. I liked pretty much all of these books except Instant Karma I still remember how much I disliked that book, haha.

Sailor Moon Vol. 1, Other Words For Home, My Best Friends Exorcism, The Southern Book CLub’s Guide To Slaying Vampires, 1984, and The Shadow Of The Gods

Here’s where I get to the books I haven’t read yet. I’ve read half of these, haha. So, Other Words For Home is a book I got from amazon prime for free, and I lost it after I canceled my amazon subscription for a month, so I won’t be reading that book. I started reading The Shadow Of The Gods, but I stopped and haven’t picked it up again. I would like to get to it soon, but I’ll probably have to start over, haha. Lastly, I haven’t read The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires, but I’m actually hoping to get to it this month if I can. I liked the other books, but I don’t know if I’ll continue on with the Sailor Moon series.

Falling, Ugly Love, Knight Of The Ice Vol. 1 & 2, The Fireman, and Beautiful World, Where Are You

I’ve read all of these except The Fireman, mainly because that book is thick. I love Joe Hill, and his books are some of my favorites, but that’s a long book, so I am intimidated, haha. I liked most of these books, minus Sally Rooney’s book. I need to buy the next manga in the Knight Of The Ice series I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Apparently,  those are the only books I bought in 2021. Obviously, there could be a few more that I didn’t post about when I bought them, but those are the documented ones, haha. I’m actually surprised I read a lot of the books I bought last year. To be fair a lot of the books I bought were manga, but still. Now…let’s not actually look at my shelves and all the books I bought this year and haven’t read yet, haha. I can’t wait to see what books I’m able to finish next year! 🙂


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