Sign Here

sign here

Sign Here by Claudia Lux

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


Peyote Trip has a pretty good gig in the deals department on the fifth floor of Hell. Sure, none of the pens work, the coffee machine has been out of order for a century, and the only drink on offer is Jägermeister, but Pey has a plan—and all he needs is one last member of the Harrison family to sell their soul.

When the Harrisons retreat to the family lake house for the summer, with their daughter Mickey’s precocious new friend, Ruth, in tow, the opportunity Pey has waited a millennium for might finally be in his grasp. And with the help of his charismatic coworker Calamity, he sets a plan in motion.

But things aren’t always as they seem, on Earth or in Hell. And as old secrets and new dangers scrape away at the Harrisons’ shiny surface, revealing the darkness beneath, everyone must face the consequences of their choices.

My Review:

I’ll keep this spoiler-free which means it might be on the shorter side.

I thought this book started out pretty strong. It had great humor and writing. I loved the descriptions of Hell; it had all kinds of funny ways to describe Hell. Unfortunately, this book lost my interest about halfway through, and I never really gained interest again. There is a character named Cal, and I feel the book became pretty strange and confusing when it explained Cal’s past. I felt like her past didn’t really make much sense, and to me, it felt Pey and Cal’s pasts didn’t really go together very well. Obviously, I cant’ go into depth because that would spoil things, but that was a problem I had with this book.

I didn’t expect the twist at the end, but I also didn’t really feel overly surprised either. I knew Ruth was probably not a good character just because of how she grew up and how she acted…it was pretty obvious she was going to be a problem. I thought the twist was kind of interesting but also not very good. I thought it wasn’t explained very well, and some things were still left unanswered.

I thought the characters were okay. I liked Pey and Cal….Pey more than Cal, but I felt like they weren’t really described well. I couldn’t clearly picture either of them in my head, so I’m not sure if what I was picturing was even accurate. It just makes the story harder to get into when I don’t even really know what the characters look like.

The book started with a lot of humor, but it didn’t last, which kind of sucked. I loved the humor at the beginning, which is what made me believe this would be a 5-star read, but unfortunately, most of the humor is gone by the second half of the book.

Overall I thought this book started out really strong and then lost its luster quickly. I was definitely disappointed by this book and how it developed and ended. I think it quickly got weird and confusing, with little explanation behind the events, especially past events. I would only recommend it if you think you’ll like it. Otherwise, I probably won’t be recommending this book since it became a pretty forgettable read toward the end.


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