About Me

Hey, my name is Abigail and I come from a small town in Texas. I decided to start this blog because I thought it would be fun to share my love of books with everyone while also getting to become a part of such a great community.

Currently, I am obsessed with romance books. I don’t read nearly as much as I used to but I also work and go to school so I’m a bit tired and busy. I mostly just post reviews on here and even that is rare. I still love being part of the book community despite the long stretches I go through without reading or posting.

Some other things about me: I love watching anime (Demon Slayer and Hunter X Hunter are my favorites), I like artsy things like cross stitching and drawing, I love horror movies and true crime, I love ice skating but it’s hard to find good ice in Texas, haha; and I have a newfound love for playing Pokemon (thank you Brandon ❤ )