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things we lost to the water

Things We Lost To The Water Synopsis: When Huong arrives in New Orleans with her two young sons, she is jobless, homeless, and worried about her husband, Cong, who remains in Vietnam. As she and her boys begin to settle in to life in America, she continues to send letters and tapes back to Cong, hopeful that they will be reunited and her children will grow up with a father.

But with time, Huong realizes she will never see her husband again. While she copes with this loss, her sons, Tuan and Binh grow up in their absent father’s shadow, haunted by a man and a country trapped in their memory and imagination. As they push forward, the three adapt to life in America in different ways: Huong takes up with a Vietnamese car salesman who is also new in town; Tuan tries to connect with his heritage by joining a local Vietnamese gang; and Binh, now going by Ben, embraces his adopted homeland and his burgeoning sexuality. Their search for identity–as individuals and as a family–threatens to tear them apart. But then disaster strikes the city they now call home, and they must find a new way to come together and honor the ties that bind them.

My Thoughts:

I’m pretty excited for this book. It sounded the most interesting to me out of their options for May. I feel like it’ll be a pretty deep book with some good character development. I think it’s only around 300 pages long so I feel like the only problem may be that it’s not long enough haha. I’m excited to follow these characters and each of their journey’s through life. I’m very excited for this book!

I wanted to include some add-ons in my May box, but decided not to since I still need to finish one of my other books from the April box haha. They have a few books I’ve wanted for a lil while, so eventually I’ll add them to one of the boxes. 🙂 I still got some reading to catch up on so they’ll just have to wait a little longer.

What do y’all think about this book? Does it sound interesting to you?


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